Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

"Working with Curtis and Cognitive Impact is a delight. His technical background enabled him to quickly understand our technology and how it fit in the market. We hired him specifically for a Public Relations effort, but his knowledge and skill go way beyond Public Relations to cover all aspects of Marketing. When you work with Curtis you are tapping into a very deep well of experience and know-how." - Victoria Koepnick, VP of Marketing, Quobyte

"Curtis and his team exemplify the true integrity and expertise in marketing communications in a market where hype and no delivery is the norm. Curtis’ deep understanding and evident  expertise of the video market instrumentally contributed to our drive to gain more exposure to our brand.  Leveraging his in-depth knowledge of the video broadcast market played a significant role in Sierra’s drive to enhance its market share, focus its product offering, and increase its product sales.  COGNITIVE IMPACT is not a PR firm, they are a true strategic partner to any small to medium size company on a growth track." - Adel Ghanem, Ph.D., President & CEO, Sierra Video

"I have known Curtis Chan for over two decades and can say that Curtis is a consummate professional. Recently, I had the pleasure to work with Curtis on a PR campaign and website development project to re-brand a company, and came away very impressed with him and his company, COGNITIVE IMPACT. Curtis’s broad industry knowledge base and executive management experience allows him to be effective as both a strategist and tactician – seamlessly transitioning between abstract modeling and theory to execution. He showed a broad understanding of macro issues, goals and objectives along with more micro specifics of our industry. Bottom-line, his company’s approach was thorough, sensible, organized, effective, on-time and reasonable. In addition, Curtis and his team are well-connected to the industry press and analyst communities, and were able to successfully leverage key media and analyst contacts to help us deliver and promote our message and campaign. I would highly recommend Curtis and his team at COGNITIVE IMPACT to any company looking to establish or expand their brand; create a winning PR, advertising or full marketing campaign; or requiring strategic guidance for a business turnaround." - Steven Rich, Director of Sales - North America at Sohonet

"Working with COGNITIVE IMPACT has given us valuable insights into our public relations image and product positioning goals. It has also provided me with a myriad of publishing opportunities for my technical writing. They're great! Curtis was a friend and advisor to Deane Jensen, Founder of Jensen Transformers. I met Curtis shortly after Deane's tragic death 25 years ago, when I was agonizing about how to make good on my commitment to keep the company alive. Deane had left it to me in his will because we were engineers who shared a common philosophy and passion for analog circuit design. But frankly, I knew next-to-nothing about the practical aspects of running a business. Over the years, Curtis has been my primary source of both inspiration and practical advice about running a business - from operations management and strategic roadmapping to marketing and public relations. He has a way of explaning concepts in an easy-to-understand way and I leave each meeting with a list of action items that make logical sense. He's not only been a savior for Jensen, but a true friend as well. I wholeheartedly recommend Curtis and his team to any entrepreneur or business, no matter how large or small needing to get to the next stage of growth." - Bill Whitlock, President and CEO, Jensen Transformers, Inc.

“Curtis is one of the best technology marketing/PR executives in the business today. The term "thought leader" can truly be ascribed to him, and his tight focus on using public relations to drive business-oriented results has translated into valuable strategic marketing tools that enhanced the profile of our business with partners, media and customers.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative. - Alex Sayyah, Vice President Worldwide ECommerce, Nero AG

“Curtis Chan of COGNITIVE IMPACT is one of the most knowledgeable people in the field. His expertise in helping startups also extends to public companies. Also special knowledge of the broadcast, computer and telecommunications industries helped me a lot.” - Janek Kaliczak, VP Research & Development, Themis Vision Systems, LLC Delaware

“I have known of Mr. Chan's work for almost 20 years and we've been working together on a variety of projects since 2002. Curtis is the kind of guy when he says he gets the job done, he does it...and goes above and beyond for all his clients. I would recommend him highly for any PR needs in the media/entertainment and technology industries. - Bill Sobel, Chief Connections Officer, SobelMedia

COGNITIVE IMPACT has been the epitome of what one would expect and need from a Marketing Communications agency. They have experience in all aspects of the science and art of communication and marketing that they apply as they work with all levels of management internal to our company, customers, channel, press and analysts. They work like a member of our team yet they are always willing to objectively assess the current market situation and provide open and honest feedback. I know I can count on them to think strategically and act tactically doing what ever it takes to get the job done well and delivered when it is needed. - Buzz Walker, VP of Marketing, Arkivio and ProStor Inc.

"I have known and worked with Curtis Chan for over 20 years, starting when he was the "rising star" at Sony's then fledgling Professional Digital Audio division. I have watched Curtis progress in success after success in the corporate professional audio and video world. When he wanted to spend more time with his children and wife, he left his burgeoning and lucrative corporate career and started his now very successful consulting business, which again has shown the flexibility of Curtis' many talents. It was with very open and confident arms that we welcomed Curtis as our company advisor and PR firm and credit Curtis with much of the success and world recognition we have achieved through his tireless effort on our behalf. Curtis still works on only a few hours sleep, but his clients reap the benefit of his boundless energy, his priceless wealth of knowledge, and his compulsive perfectionist personality. What a combination to have working on your team! I'm just glad he is on our team and not the competition's." - Ken Kreisel, President, Miller and Kreisel Sound Corporation

"In just 3 short months, COGNITIVE IMPACT provided the essential public relations expertise to successfully launch our new company strategy and product line. They procured face-time for us with all the key editors and analysts, which was critical to the achievement of our goals. The culmination of their efforts included a cover story in our #1 targeted magazine, a feature article in our #2 targeted publication, a prestigious award at a major trade show, support and favorable quotes from strategic industry vendors, and an encouraging brief written up by the industry's hottest new analyst group. Furthermore, I have never worked with an agency that is more responsive to my needs than Chan and Associates." - Donna Dell'Aringa, Marketing Communications Manager, PRISA Networks, Inc.

"COGNITIVE IMPACT are a business partner that delivers a level of professionalism and experience that is unmatched in the industry! Curtis and the rest of the COGNITIVE IMPACT team have been very effective at executing SAN Valley's launch strategy and have successfully raised our visibility. COGNITIVE IMPACT are very effective in planning and executing marketing strategies and have consistently exceeded my expectations. The entire COGNITIVE IMPACT team works tirelessly to seek out new opportunities and to ensure that those opportunities are targeted to SAN Valley's business. - Rick Walsworth, Vice President Marketing, SAN Valley Systems Inc.

"In an era and industry filled with hype, smoke and mirrors, promises and then broken promises, COGNITIVE IMPACT stands out as a pillar of integrity. They are extremely knowledgeable and effective and one of the few organizations that remain with their feet firmly on the ground. Would I recommend COGNITIVE IMPACT as a marketing and P/R firm for small to mid-sized high tech businesses? You bet!" - Bill Stickney, President and Founder, Videomedia, Inc.

"I have found that it is very difficult to locate a good Marketing Communications company that understands both the technical aspects of our industry and has a good sense of the market itself. COGNITIVE IMPACT is a company, which has both capabilities. Chan is not merely a consultant for Medéa; they are an invaluable partner who genuinely cares about our success." - Martin Bock, President, Medéa, Inc.

COGNITIVE IMPACT is not our public relations company. For Chace, they are our strategic business partners who perform a myriad of tasks, efficiently and with great enthusiasm. We are particularly impressed by the energy and creativity of the entire group! More importantly is COGNITIVE IMPACT's ability to cross collateralize our needs with that of their other clients. In a recent instance, this created a purchasing opportunity that saved us close to two thousand dollars and created a public relations opportunity as well. When Curtis talks of creating "wins" you better believe it! - Robert Heiber, President, Chace Productions

"In working with COGNITIVE IMPACT over the past 5 years, I have found them to be outstanding in attention to detail and follow-up on all commitments. They also add value to everything they touch, without the need to educate them each time." - Don Bennett, Vice President of Operations, InnovaCom, Inc.

"Even though our company attended the 1998 IBC in Amsterdam on very short notice, COGNITIVE IMPACT was still able to put together great press coverage for our exhibit!" - Frank Alioto, President, InnovaCom, Inc.

"The key to COGNITIVE IMPACT's success in promoting CMD is their understanding of the nature of our technology base. This has enabled them to create a definable roadmap and launch us swiftly into articles within essential trade publications that squarely target our prospective customers. Their tireless efforts combined with keen enthusiasm and their prompt response to our needs helped us accomplish greater results within a much shorter period of time. We, at CMD, can now eliminate a common used phrase there are not enough hours in the day!." - Colnett Brubaker, Marketing Communications Manager, CMD Technology, Inc.

"We are very happy and satisfied with the many services provided by COGNITIVE IMPACT, with whom YEM Inc., Japan and YEM America, Inc. have been associated for many years. We trust Mr. Chan and his staff's capabilities and their reliability as YEM's technical consultant and publicity agency in the worldwide marketplace. We also rely on his firm's professionalism in the highly technological electronics industry and without his support and co-operation, we feel it might be difficult to get into each market place. We firmly believe that Mr. Curtis Chan can respond to our level of expectation for the future." - Yasushi Yamashita, President & C.E.O., YEM Inc., Japan.

"COGNITIVE IMPACT gave me business and marketing options that other agencies just couldn't provide. The assistance and diligence that the staff provides has enabled me to enter new sectors of the industry that I never would have otherwise considered." - Michael Krans, Business Unit Manager, Xyratex, Inc.

"COGNITIVE IMPACT gave me business and marketing options that best match V-Bits situations." - Ji Zhang, CTO, V-Bits, Inc.

COGNITIVE IMPACT has time and again proven itself to be one of our most reliable providers of media relations and project writing services. Whatever the task, large or small, the Curtis Chan team is at the top of my short-list for all aspects of media interaction." - Blake Roberts, Corporate Public Relations Manager, Pinnacle Systems

"The plethora of Industry contacts and astute technical expertise possessed by COGNITIVE IMPACT has proved to be invaluable as they spearhead our public relations strategy." - Dan Forcucci, Marketing Communications Manager, ATTO Technology, Inc.