Media & Analyst Quotes
Media & Analyst Quotes

COGNITIVE IMPACT have been at this for a long time - meaning the team knows what works and what doesn't.  We'll always take a look at anyone Curtis suggests." - Steve Duplessie, Founder/Sr. Analyst, The Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.

"Curtis and I have worked together for almost a decade. What a pleasure – and rarity – it is to work with someone on the PR side who really does understand the technology. When Curtis tells me he has a client worth listening to… I listen." - Mike Karp, VP and Principal Analyst, Ptak / Noel

"I have known Curtis Chan professionally for more than a decade and have consistently enjoyed working with him. He has represented numerous companies over the years and has always provided Videography magazine with timely, relevant, and concise information that's beneficial to our readers. It's a pleasure to work with the professionals at COGNITIVE IMPACT, who take the time to understand what makes each magazine unique, and then tailor their communications to fit the needs of that publication. A call, fax, or E-mail from COGNITIVE IMPACT always gets my attention." - Brian McKernan, Editor, Digital Cinema Magazine / Editor-in-Chief, Videography Magazine

"There is no doubt that COGNITIVE IMPACT is one of the most proactive agencies in the technology space. Their bulldog determination and understanding of my needs as an editor place them well above hoi polloi out there. They can also be counted-on in a pinch...which is always good news!" - Mark Ferelli, VP/Editor in Chief of Computer Technology Review, Storage Management Solutions, Storage & Entertainment, and Storage, Inc.

COGNITIVE IMPACT's marketing expertise is complemented with a unique combination of technical knowledge, business acumen, and an understanding of the financial fundamentals in the storage industry. That's a combination that's rare in public relations firms." - Dave Simpson, Editor-in-Chief, InfoStor Magazine

"Whenever I need editorial support for the specific companies they handle, I know I can rely on COGNITIVE IMPACT to get me the things I need. I've found that Curtis and company really know the business from an insider's point of view and I welcome the chance to work with them. I would recommend them to any potential client that's looking for exposure in a highly competitive and crowded industry where everyone is vying for attention." - Michael Grotticelli, Editor, Television Broadcast Magazine

"In my contacts and dealings with the people at COGNITIVE IMPACT, I have found them to be knowledgeable and professional. And when I need something from them for a story I'm writing, I've found them to be timely in their response." - Roger Brown, Editor, CED Magazine

"COGNITIVE IMPACT is an excellent company, enthusiastic and highly competent. One of the best PR organizations in the broadcast business." - David Kirk, Editor, IBE &

"Efficient. Professional. Hardworking. Attentive." - Desmond Teo, Executive Editor, OnLine Magazine

"COGNITIVE IMPACT is one of the hardest-working public relations companies in the television industry. The staff is easy to reach, easy to talk to and never fails to put its clients' best foot forward." - Bob Kovacs, Technology Editor, TV Technology

"The personnel of COGNITIVE IMPACT are among the best in the business -- professional and still personable. They are very accessible and responsive to requests for information and access to their clients, and they take the initiative to aggressively yet discretely provide editorial leads to those of us in the press. COGNITIVE IMPACT do an excellent job of serving their client's needs while balancing the needs of Audio Media and our readers. And best of all, it's true!"
- Frank L. Wells, Editor, Pro Sound News

"The account executives at COGNITIVE IMPACT are great. They know the meaning of the word deadline. They get you what you need and fast." - Maria Medina,