Our Approach

COGNITIVE IMPACT follows the philosophy of Think, Create, and Execute to seamlessly deliver integrated PR and brand marketing programs that produce timely, reproducible, and consistent results in the form of greater brand awareness and higher quality leads.  Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 100 company needing to deliver against a short term opportunity; fill a gap in your marketing team; or needing an outsource contractor to deliver a cohesive, multi-dimensional marketing program to support your sales efforts – COGNITIVE IMPACT is your one stop shop.

Most other Brand Development, Public Relations, Advertising, or marketing firms service your company's needs with a cookie-cutter approach, repeating a process they’ve used for multiple clients.  At COGNITIVE IMPACT, our solutions are individually developed to match the unique aspects of your culture, market, channel, and product/service.  This delivers the best possible outcome and a differentiated advantage versus your competition.

COGNITIVE IMPACT looks at your company as a dynamic and evolving organism, never static and comprised of numerous interdependent parts. Our over half century of combined experience and expertise allow us to move with you as your markets and priorities change, always keeping an eye on and hitting your intended target, time and time again.  This enables you to take your brand to where you want it to go – higher revenue – through unique marketing programs designed to build your brand and create greater awareness and visibility with prospects and market makers; deeper reach into new markets and segments; more high quality leads to deliver to a hungry sales team; smoothly operating distribution systems delivering solutions to your customers; and a clear understanding of your growth and direction to investors and strategic partners. The team at COGNITIVE IMPACT adapts to your culture, melding it with our experience and methodology to create a comprehensive brand identity plan that is seamlessly executed for and with your organization.  We pride ourselves in our creative approach to help you move forward, with a strong proactive attitude, disciplined methodologies, focused sense of urgency, and bounded by an intense commitment for success.  We define our success by the success you achieve.

Unlike traditional agencies that have limited skills beyond their comfort zone, our team of experts, with broad industry experience, has a collective knowledge pool that is singularly unique in today’s competitive marketplace.  We draw from multiple disciplines, ranging from public relations, advertising and creative web design; engineering and manufacturing; channel development and marketing; strategic planning and risk analysis; strategic alliances and partnerships to operations and finance.  This vast knowledge and experience base is applied to each campaign or project, taking into account market, business, finance, and technology issues that may impede your success. The resultant multi-disciplined approach to developing and implementing comprehensive brand programs that are unique to your business ensures you of first mover advantage, greater brand awareness with higher sales leads, while creating strong barriers to entry against your competition.

Quality Leads

At COGNITIVE IMPACT we put our philosophy of Think, Create, and Execute into every campaign to deliver what your sales team is clamoring for - to receive more, high quality leads.

There are many ways to generate leads that create numbers on a spreadsheet but still leave sales with the job of filtering out under-qualified leads. Through our ability to tailor a unique program based on your market, competitive, and economic landscape aligned with your business priorities - we create and execute brand programs that cause more, qualified leads to respond to your campaign so you can capture their information and deliver real prospects to your sales team.  Quantity of leads is easy to do – generating quality leads is where we excel.  COGNITIVE IMPACT’s custom, brand building programs create quality leads that enable your sales team to be more productive by reducing the sales cycle and increasing their win rate.

Brand Awareness

Cutting through the endless fog created by blogs, email, phone calls, press releases, and announcements is at the heart of the Think, Create, and Execute process that COGNITIVE IMPACT uses to create a unique band marketing program for your company or products and services. 

We know the answer to the age old question, “If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound?”  NO, because no one hears it!  A brand, company, product, or solution that cannot stand out in today’s market of constant communication and distraction is a message that is not being heard.  Brand awareness and preference are the precursor to creating a quality lead that can then be exploited by the sales team. Generating that brand awareness and preference in the minds of the target audience is what our team at COGNITIVE IMPACT is expert at creating.

At COGNITIVE IMPACT every client and engagement benefits by the way we engage our corporate philosophy – Think, Create, and Execute.  This enables us to expand beyond text book applications of marketing and cookie-cutter templates to uniquely solve new and evolving business challenges consistent with your company’s business priorities.  Our approach moves past the norm delivered by other agencies and produces consistent, verifiable, time proven, and consistent results building brands and generating quality leads which ultimately create what all firms want – increasing, top line results – time and time again.