Why We're Different
Why We're Different

Selecting a PR and brand marketing firm that will help your company’s goals reach fruition is an equally important step for both parties. When selecting an agency, what are you really buying?

  • Are you buying a typing service that regurgitates your company line and sends it blindly to uninterested media outlets?
  • Are you buying an agency with multi-layered levels of bureaucracy, where you spend more time leaving messages and playing phone tag than actually speaking to the people who handle your account?
  • Are you buying an agency that constantly touts its accomplishments for other clients, but somehow always seems to fall short on achieving your goals?
  • Are you buying an agency that only calls you when the bill is due?
  • Are you buying separate agencies to handle your public relations, advertising, strategic marketing, and business consulting needs?

If you find yourself answering yes to any of these questions, then it’s time you checked out COGNITIVE IMPACT.

Regardless of your industry, timely knowledge, integrity, passion, dedication and hard work are still some of the cornerstones upon which modern business is built. COGNITIVE IMPACT is a total business resource that considers both your immediate and long-term goals. We never compromise your long-term stability for short term gain.

  • How you think is everything. We believe in looking at opportunities that result in success. We think success in everything that we do.
  • We believe that in order for us to win, we must first focus all of our priorities and resources on helping you to win. As such, we concentrate all our efforts to help make you successful.
  • We believe in being proactive and taking action. Goals and strategy are nothing without action and everything that we do has a strong sense of urgency attached to it.
  • We never stop learning and are not afraid to innovate. We believe in constantly pushing the envelope of convention in everything we do.
  • We analyze the details and consider with every action that we take on your behalf: (1) How we can optimize your financial condition; (2) Plan for your consistent revenue growth and (3) Minimize expenses.
  • We believe that integrity, passion, a strong work ethic and a sense of urgency are at the core of everything we do.