Public Relations
Public Relations

COGNITIVE IMPACT provides a full range of public relations programs and services to support your entry into the market or on-going success, including:

  • Public Relations (PR) Messaging, Positioning and Marketing Communications Planning: We develop award winning PR programs that seamlessly integrate into a cohesive and impactful marketing communications plan that delivers – time and time again.  The result of this exercise is a consistent and compelling set of messages and a singular corporate brand statement that will support your business objectives and underpin all of your company communications.  The finished program incorporates communications strategies and tactics for implementing this positioning in the market place while providing metrics to validate and monitor its effectiveness. The result – higher quality leads.

  • Public Relations Program Development and Management: We develop branding strategies and PR programs that get consistent wins.  In order to effectively position your company and communicate your message to exploit all editorial opportunities – our programs provide top-level strategies and counsel, PR/IR and messaging actions aimed at 6 communications tiers: 1) Strategic Alliances and Partners; 2) Channels; 3) Endusers; 4) Analysts; 5) Media; and 6) Investors.  We develop value propositions to communicate your company and service/product viability and cost/benefits to each communications tier, ensuring cohesive and consistent messaging. 

  • Editorial Programs: We develop winning editorial programs that garner consistent placements in hard copy and web portals.  Corporate backgrounders, press releases, application and technology articles, white papers, by-lines and other creative briefs result in media coverage for your executives, company, products, and services.

  • Media Relations: We are in constant contact with the media.  Our job is to get timely and consistent editorial commitments and to help you build successful relationships with members of the industry, business and financial press.

  • Analyst relations: We work constantly with the technical and financial analyst community.  Our singular goal is to leverage their influence in your favor – validating your vision and execution while creating long-standing relationships.

  • Speaking programs: We identify, qualify and negotiate strategic speaking opportunities at premier industry events, radio and television shows, web seminars and roundtables, financial and business conferences.

  • Partner and Customer Programs: We seek, negotiate and develop programs that leverage your partner and customer relationships – creating a win-win scenario for all.