Tradeshow Special
Tradeshow Special

COGNITIVE IMPACT Tradeshow Special

Is getting the most out of your tradeshow investment  a priority? If, yes we will invest with you discounting our services on your first tradeshow to demonstrate or return on your investment.

Do you want to generate strong brand buzz, increase qualified traffic to your booth, close more deals and increase media attention?  Do you feel you could have had an ever bigger return on the investment you made in time, people, and money last year? 

Have the pressures and the deadlines in the month or two before the show caused other important projects to slip? 

Do you feel that you could have followed up even better on the contacts you made? Was your message able to flow through your presentations, press releases, collateral, booth, and tradeshow conversations? Do you feel you should have won an award?

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, then it is worth your time to have a conversation with COGNITIVE IMPACT on how you could maximize your investment at critical tradeshows while keeping other projects on schedule and effectively using your limited time and budget.

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For the past two decades, COGNITIVE IMPACT has been helping companies like yours gain tremendous exposure and winning coveted awards from the major publications. Companies that we have represented have been written about by the press, won best-of-show awards and garnered increased booth traffic – year after year.

Click here for samples of our brand image, public relations, collateral and tradeshow exhibition work.

Engage Our Brand Development and PR Team Early

By engaging us early in the process, we can help to develop and coordinate your message, public relations, and audience attraction activities driving press, bloggers, analysts and attendees to your booth with a consistent and clear message, freeing you run your business. 

On a personal note, we've been active at tradeshows like NAB since 1977, as manufacturers, press, and now as a brand development and public relations agency.  Bottom line – we know the market, we know the press, and we know how to get you noticed among the thousand plus other exhibitors.

Grow your business and get the most out of your tradeshow investment by engaging COGNITIVE IMPACT.

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