COGNITIVE IMPACT is an innovative full-service brand development and public relations firm that provides resources your company can't do without - resources that make us unlike any other agency in the business.

Headquartered in Los Angeles and Orange County in Southern California, our domestic and international clients are perched on the cutting edge of multiple high technology industries. These clients range from global Fortune 500 companies to development stage technology start-ups. We provide a full range of brand develpment services tailored to your specific needs that include:

By providing high-quality service in these six important areas, COGNITIVE IMPACT works as an extension of your company. We not only lend valuable support in brand development and public relations, but we also work in areas that fall outside of traditional brand marketing disciplines.

COGNITIVE IMPACT is built upon one fundamental principal - it is not enough to merely take aim at a target, you must hit it. In today's competitive and often highly tumultuous business environment, there are seldom second chances. Every decision you make has to take into account every facet of your entire business - from sales and marketing to operations and manufacturing. Most full-service agencies look at your company's needs from a narrow public relations or advertising point-of-view. COGNITIVE IMPACT looks at your company as a complete organism, comprised of numerous interdependent parts. Because of our unique background, we craft branding campaigns that take into account the needs and capabilities of each of these parts - maintaining a consistent and cohesive brand image for your company throughout the campaign. Let our industry-recognized business, public relations and marketing experience help you become more competitive and profitable within your market scope.

COGNITIVE IMPACT, in addition to its vast knowledge base, has many long-term, strategic working relationships with other specialized public relations, advertising, consulting and marketing communications agencies that service a diversity of markets. Our relationships with these expert resources become your competitive advantage. Their knowledge and specialization, when called upon, combined with our experience and expertise, helps you to realize your company's goals quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The bottom-line is that we will never compromise your long term stability and trust for short term gain.  That's a promise!